To-do list: No.1 – Appreciate me!

The only way to start is with “I”.

Happy Labour day! As we have a day free from work I’d like to suggest setting time aside to focus appreciation on yourself. For as little as an hour and a half this week and every week that follows, find time to do what you love. Doing something you love lifts you’re mood and energy, benefiting everyone you interact with.

With busy schedules and families to take care of it’s easy to get lost, forgetting who we are and what it is that makes us feel complete. These weeks take time to contemplate what it is you love to do, meditate, sit quietly and ask yourself : “If time was no object what would I be doing right now?” It may be as simple as an afternoon bubble bath, a walk by the river or learning a new instrument; often time it’s just about taking a little time out and dedicate it to ourselves. Arrange a babysitter or clear your diary for some alone time. By making this a focus of desire, a priority, at the top of your “to do list” you will be amazed at how easy it will seem to create it.

I used to love going to the cinema in the afternoon. I even remember leaving work early feeling ill after a particularly stressful week, on my way home I took a detour and went to watch a rom-com. The next day I went back into work feeling refreshed and energised, feeling like I could take on the world again.

It’s like they say, when due for take off on an aeroplane always attend to your own oxygen mask first, when you are replenished you have all that you need to be fully present for others.

What would be at the top of your “to-do” list if time were no object?

Relax and enjoy.




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