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Surrender to Success

Enjoy today

Flow is the state of razor-sharp focus, intense pleasure and effortless execution in which previously unattainable results are achieved and surpassed. Athletes call this being in the zone.

Dave Austin, a mental performance coach and founder of Extreme Focus, has created a process to get athletes into the state where incredible feats are accomplished. He is known as the “secret weapon”, working behind the scenes and preparing professionals to triumph.

In “Mind over Matter”, Dave walks you through his visualization process, which is quite similar to Vishen Lakhiani’s 6-Phase Meditation. He gets you into the state of flow by helping you to appreciate and find happiness in the present moment and then he guides you into creating clear vision of what you want to attain. This not only works for athletes, but also for anyone who is trying to tap into creative genius in order to excel. Dave’s process consists of these steps:

  1. Feel  a connection with nature and appreciate it.
  2. Circle yourself with a loving white light and expand it to encompass others, especially those with whom you have a difficult relationship.
  3. Feel gratitude.
  4. Visualize what you want to manifest.
  5. Reveal your genius through journaling.

After watching the video and going through each phase, you will be ready for the magic to happen!

In the next video Dave explains how it’s time to let go. You’ve done the visualization and you have your intentions. Now it’s time to trust that what you desire will come to you. It’s not about trying harder or working harder, it’s about allowing, or what Dave calls “Sweet Surrender” into the zone.

Practise getting into the zone and leave a comment about how these tips have helped you to exceed your potential! You will be amazed at how you begin to soar to new heights!

Enjoy your present and reach for the stars!



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