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Morning Appreciation


The saying  “to get out of bed on the wrong foot” refers to our minds rather than our bodies. If we are able to gather our thoughts into a pleasing place before getting out of our bed, we are far more likely to have positive outcomes as we go about our day.

Before I really got into meditation I found the most beautiful way to start my day was writing lists. Lists of gratitude, lists of positive aspects for all going right in my life. During this period I stumbled upon this beautiful voice over video and I’ve been listening to it on a regular basis ever since.

It talks you through a morning appreciation of the most fundamental things in life we should always acknowledge and appreciate from the sun rising to the comfort of our warm beds. Every one of us can find something to give thanks for even when it seems like things are spiralling out of our control. There are moments in our lives where we struggle to see that which, is working out for us. This morning appreciation reminds us of the things we can all be grateful for in a soft, clear and gently guided way.

Relax, breathe deeply and start a habit to begin your day seeing all that is right with the world! You will get out of bed feeling energised, optimistic and ready for everything life has for you.

From day one you will notice the results; through your mood – you’ll feel more upbeat and happy, you’ll share your smiles and get smiles from strangers. Witnessing small manifestations coming your way you’ll know it’s a habit worth sticking to.

Life is good!




One thought on “Morning Appreciation

  1. As an amazing encore to this fabulous morning appreciation Constance Smith and Jason shared their interpretation of “Abe’s Genius Flowin’ and Blowin’ from their Ecstatic Hearts to Yours~*” Thank you Constance

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