Appreciation / Confidence / Flow / Gratitude / Love / Manifesting / Visualization


Success quoteOn a side note, I’d like to share my son’s progress with visualization techniques.

His class is going to compete in a soccer tournament against others within the school. All the star players are in the other classes but the confidence that he has in his team is heart-warming.

When he was enthusiastically describing the tactics they’ve devised to make goals and win the matches he added, “And we have visualization!”

My heart melted when those words came out of his mouth. I can only hope that his faith is strong enough to move the entire team.

Once again today, I observed him playing basketball. He’s not among the best players of team, nor is he among the worst. He’s just a good basketball player.

Today however, he was on fire! He was by far the best player. I asked him after the match how he thought he’d played so well. I asked him if he thought it was because he was happy and enjoying himself or if he had visualized playing before the game.

He said, “You know that 3-point basket I made. Well I visualized that one!”

My heart exploded.

This is why I want to share these techniques with the world. If I’m this touched and amazed by just one person, I can hardly imagine what it would feel like to reach out and know that somehow I’ve inspired another.

Enjoy the journey,



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