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BlissfulLast Thursday, I listened to Carl Harvey interview Tom Cronin on “The Big Life“. I really resonated with Tom’s message and experienced a moment of epiphany.

Tom is calm, centered and on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people through meditation. For more information about Tom and “The Stillness Project”, click here.

Tom’s message is about releasing attachments to desired outcomes. The goal is not in the future. The goal is peace, love and bliss now.

When we are focused on the future instead of centered in the present, our minds and bodies are no longer in harmony. If we are only concerned with achieving our dreams and frantically trying to get what we want, the present becomes a state of lack or need.

The key is to let go of visualizations, of desired outcomes. Gratitude and joy now are the solution. If we are in a state of complete and utter bliss now, then the future no longer matters.

When we are fulfilled in the present, the universe cooperates with us and obstacles  are easily overcome. Our deepest desires manifest when we let them go.

If we are able to integrate our bodies and minds, we can tune into our inner guides and trust that everything is going to work out for the best. This fills us with a sense of peace and calm and eliminates the chaos, so that everything can blissfully fall into place.

This is possible through two twenty-minute meditation sessions a day.  You can practice any mindfulness meditation or this guided Yoga Nidra meditation read by Tom, which you can listen to here or on the Omvana App.

Relax and rejoice,



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