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How To Be A Marvellous Me

I want to be the best that I can be. I want to do and have and live in a way that is in harmony with my idea of the greatest goodness. I want to harmonize physically here in this body with that which I believe to be the best, or the good way, of life. If you will make those statements, and then do not take action unless you feel good, you will always be moving upon the path in harmony with your idea of that which is good.

– Abraham

I love the simplicity of these words. If all that I am required to do is hold my focus towards being the best me that I can possibly be, then there is no need for lists of must do’s/mustn’t eats, walk more/sit less, drink this/avoid that…. and hold the desire strong to just be the best, marvellous me I can possibly be!

Now how exciting is that?



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