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Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving kindness meditationLoving-kindness is the essence of bodhicitta, which is essential for experiencing bliss. With gentle compassion, we free ourselves from suffering and increase our happiness.

This meditation brings about feelings of acceptance and worthiness, healing the mind of pain and confusion. It should be practised for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day.

To begin, sit comfortably, breathe deeply and relax. Repeat these affirmations:

May I be filled with loving kindness. May I be well. May I be peaceful and at ease. May I be happy.

As you repeat the phrases, picture yourself as a young child or as you are now, held in the heart of loving-kindness.

After a week or two, when you have raised your self-esteem, you can move on to include others in the mediation by picturing them, reciting the phrases for them and sending them love.

May you be filled with loving kindness. May you be well. May you be peaceful and at ease. May you be happy.

You should try to include these people:

  • someone who has helped you
  • someone you love
  • someone who needs help
  • someone you find difficult to be around

When you are good at this meditation you can practise anywhere at anytime. After meditating, you will immediately feel an increase in love for yourself as well as for others. The power of loving-kindness will calm you and keep you connected to your heart.

We must love ourselves in order to love others,

♥ Joya


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