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Breath of Life Meditation

"I am"

Through this simple exercise we connect our breath to the body while focusing the mind in the present moment giving thanks for the day ahead. It can also be done before going to sleep to release the day and prepare for a restful sleep.

Stand tall, feet slightly apart, palms together in front of heart centre.
Breathe in and out slowly. ( mentally repeat ‘I am’)
Keeping palms together and breathing in raise hands in front of face stretching arms above head and rising up on to toes, exhale.
Reach to the sky breathing in and out slowly.
Take a breath in and as you exhale release the hands bringing arms down by side, lowering feet, and gently folding forward hands to earth. (Bend knees to help this action, head hanging forward).
As hands rest on the earth breathe in and out into the spine feeling the gentle opening of the whole of the back of the body.
Breathe in slowly gathering energy in cupped hands as if scooping water from the earth and carry this to the throat centre, as the spine uncurls.
Once upright exhale take hands palms down in front of abdomen to HARA centre (just below navel). Pause taking breath in and out mentally repeating “I am”.
Now as you breathe in bring arms out to side rising on to toes and reaching up to the sky.
Breathing out interlace fingers turning palms up and reach to the sky as though an invisible hand is reaching down to you and drawing you up.
You are balanced between heaven and earth.

Breathe in and out.

Inhale then exhaling bring palms together in front of face and down to the heart centre, feet flat on the ground.
Breathe in and out repeating mentally “I am”.

Repeat the whole sequence three times.

With great appreciation to Helen for this post.

Contributing author


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