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6 Emotional Shifts Towards Manifesting Abundance


“When the success of another makes your heart sing, your resistance is gone and your own success soars”

– Abraham-Hicks

The teachings of Abraham tell us that a belief in shortage or lack prevent our discovery of the path towards the creation of our desires. As we learn to understand that there is an infinite flow of abundance in this Universe and that what manifests is always directly related to our own personal desires and vibrations then we can become empowered, in the knowledge that we are the creators of what is unfolding in our lives.

There is always enough to go around.

Here are the 6 emotional changes you need to make to increase your financial well-being:

Affirmation: “I want to feel my financial well-being”

By repeating these words it becomes possible to feel the increased sense of financial well-being even before the money comes. As you practice these good feeling thoughts you see the evidence in the form of good-feeling emotions, eventually the money comes too.

Acceptance: It’s not about your earnings and deserving

As a result of the hard-times or contrast that you have been living you have planted many seeds of abundance trees. The amount of time that passes between now and the manifestation of these fruits is purely about the time it takes for you to replace angst with ease.

Pay attention to the story you are telling

We often believe we must work hard to overcome obstacles and satisfy shortage and solve problems that are before us; but sometimes, in this attitude or approach, we work against ourselves. “Attention to obstacles makes them bigger and more stubborn; attention to shortages makes them bigger and prolongs them – and attention to a problem prevents any immediate solution.”

Action must come from a place of joy

True power does not come from a place of physical action but instead from vibrational alignment. Your true power and leverage comes from alignment with your intentions and desires. The easiest path to great abundance is by ease and joy. ” Forget your troubles come on get happy – chase your cares away….”

Another’s success enhances your own potential

Abundance expands proportionately to match desire. In the understanding of the never-ending abundance of this Universe, you will feel personal delight when you observe another’s alignment with it, for their achievements can in no way diminish yours, it can only enhance it.

Positive Aspects in your experience

When you make a decision to look for positive aspects in your experience right now, you will create an expectation that will allow an immediate manifesting of evidence to support that vibrational shift. The more good you see in your life the more good things will come to you.

The meditation on financial well-being by Abraham-Hicks is wonderfully enlightening, helping to shift your emotions and raise your vibration towards financial well-being.

All is well,



2 thoughts on “6 Emotional Shifts Towards Manifesting Abundance

  1. There is nothing so liberating as the joy we feel observing another’s happiness, success, and flow.
    Equally when we hold out our hand unconditionally to be with another in their sadness knowing all things change but nothing sure perishes, we put in motion powerful forces for healing.

  2. Therefore, as we align and remain in the flow we are all powerful beings with the capacity to heal ourselves and others.

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