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7 Faces of Intention Meditation

7 faces of intentionDr. Wayne Dyer, best selling-author and renowned self-development speaker, describes Intention as energy from the Source. He says, “Intention is not something you do but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy, a power that can carry us.”

This energy manifests itself in seven different ways. Dyer calls these expressions “The Seven Faces of Intention”. They are Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Unlimited Abundance and Receptivity.

This force is what inspires us. It is always available and it has infinite possibilities.  We can tap into this power within us and allow ourselves to be vehicles for its positive expression with this meditation:

I am Creativity

I am Kindness

I am Love

I am Beauty

I am Expansion

I am Unlimited Abundance

I am Receptivity

Memorize this meditation and make it your mantra. Repeat it throughout the day. Reflect upon it and ask yourself:

  • How can I be more creative today?
  • How can I be kinder today?
  • How can I be more loving today?
  • How can I appreciate beauty more today?
  • How can I embrace expansion and grow today?
  • How can I flow with the unlimited abundance of the universe today?
  • How can I open up and be more accepting today?

When our efforts are infused with spirit, we experience nothing less than calm, blissful success.

With love,




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