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3 Essential Elements of Manifestation

Quote about patienceHave you ever tried to manifest anything in your life?

If you’re struggling with manifestation, you need to master three essential elements:


You must have faith that you will eventually get what you desire. This is believing that it is going to happen for you and trusting that it will. Strengthen your faith. Repeat daily affirmations. Visualize. Write letters to yourself from your future self who is living the dream. Create a mental movie and experience what it feels like to be the star. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that this manifestation belongs to you. If you find yourself starting to doubt, redouble your focus! This is where most people fail and it’s usually at the moment just before manifestation takes place. Persevere in your faith.


You must tune into the right vibration to make this dream a reality. This is your true desire, what brings you joy. Therefore you must live in a state of joy, love and happiness now. So go ahead and replay that mental movie you star in and get lost in the daydream. Meditate. Two great meditations for raising your vibrations are The Loving Kindness Meditation and the 7 Faces of Intention Meditation. Be affectionate. Express gratitude. Be of service to others. Appreciate nature. Give off good vibes!


Release and let go of your desire. Wait with infinite patience.

“A man who is a master of patience is master of everything else.”

∼George Savile


Happy manifesting!



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