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Live fully NOW – Mindfulness Meditation

Live Fully Now - Alan Watts

Live Fully Now – Alan Watts

“You can’t live at all unless you can live fully now” – Alan Watts

This inspirational and profound speech by the late English philosopher Alan Watts beautifully emphasises the importance of enjoying the life you are currently living – not the life you might one day have in the future.

As you move towards focusing your thoughts on the here and now, appreciating the present moments, spending time in a daily practice of mindful meditation will give you clarity, confidence and compassion as you go about your days.

Mindfulness meditation began as a buddist tradition helping return to the present by focusing on ones current state. Through daily practice it teaches us to be present with whatever is happening, no matter what it may be. Through practicing a form of mindful meditation we learn to deal with experiences and situations that we find difficult instead of struggling to get away from them.

When we are mindful we are consciously aware of the details in the lives we are living, we’re not distracted or desiring change. Instead, if we want something to be different we are present enough to understand how we can make the changes. It’s also clear that the more mindful we are, the more able we are in taking compassionate action.


Mindful Meditation is a seated technique which focuses on breathing, bodily sensations and mental relaxation.

Be gentle on yourself, your mind will wander; when you notice that yours has wandered, come back again to the body and environment.

Rest your attention lightly on the breath. Feel it as it comes into your body and as it goes out.

Working with thoughts. As you sit practicing, you will notice that thoughts arise. There may seem to be no gaps at all in which you can catch a glimpse of your breath. Notice what happens. Just gently bring yourself back to the breath. You can mentally say “thoughts” to yourself as a further reminder of what just happened.

Mindfulness meditation is about practicing being mindful of whatever happens. It isn’t about stopping thought. As we practice this meditation we are living in the now, with the perfection of ourselves in our current state, in this peaceful moment we are exactly as we are meant to be, we are freed from all preconceived notions of how we ought to be.

Enjoy the benefits and the silence…



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