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Relax – You are enough!

It may be my character or a belief  I’ve developed over the years, maybe other parents can resonate; a sensation of rowing a boat with one oar going around and around in circles. Constantly striving to keep on top of the everyday requirements, striving for perfection, weekends that turn into frenetic catch up time, washing, tidying, swimming class. When the sun’s shining we have to be out having a fabulous time, making the most of the good weather. When it’s raining we have to be painting or creating or baking or doing, doing, doing!


Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all these things, I love spending time outdoors, I love crafting and baking but there are times when I just want to stop and do absolutely nothing. I want to soak up the self acceptance; I’m enough, I do enough and that we, as a family have enough.

As a mother – I’m enough, as a wife I do enough, as a daughter, I am enough. As a sister, I am enough, as a friend I am enough, as Ella, I am enough!

Using this affirmation I find it helps remind me that I am perfect in my imperfections, this imperfect moment it is actually magical, it is in fact more than enough. When I waiver on the side of self-doubt repeating this affirmation as I go about the day it increase my confidence and self-acceptance that today is wonderfully in its ordinariness.

I am enough
I do enough
I have enough

This will increase your confidence as you lighten up on yourself and except that certain things can wait. Not everything has to be done right away.

Enjoy the weekend, enjoy the sun or the rain, enjoy the duvet or the hiking. Whatever you choose to do with your days, choose with your heart, if you can’t choose what you do today, you can choose to accept and appreciate the magic in every moment.

Relax and be easy on yourself,



2 thoughts on “Relax – You are enough!

  1. There is a wonderful poem by Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman”
    We are always enough and more than we ever imagine we are.
    We have so much still to discover about just how Phenomenal we are!

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