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Abundance quote

This short video from Dr. Wayne Dyer, “How God Tells You It’s Time to Change,” highlights the importance of doing what you love.

You are meant to take pleasure in what you do. It’s your life’s purpose. If you quiet your mind and listen to your heart, your feelings will tell you what is working in your life and what isn’t. If you have a hard time tuning into your inner guide, practising mindfulness and meditation on a regular basis will help you to hear the voice of your heart.

The Universe wants you to be happy and works with you, not against you. If you aren’t happy with the work you do, you will find the Universe placing obstacles along your path, forcing you to change. Take the path of least resistance.

So make time to do what you love every day. Have fun, create and follow your passion. The Universe will reward you with an abundant life.

Much love,




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