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8 Miracle Mindsets to Overcome Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

Quote about lifeDanielle LaPorte, best-selling author and motivational speaker, and Gabrielle Bernstein, best-selling author and self-proclaimed Spirit junkie, discuss Gabby’s book, “May Cause Miracles,”  and what she calls, Miracle Mindsets, in this interview.

Negative emotions and limiting beliefs are the ones that keep us stuck in life. They are responsible for slowing us down on the highway to success. Non-miracle Mindsets are:

envy, anger, lack of self-worth, blocked creativity, loneliness, fear, overwhelm, and disconnection.

Once you recognize which Non-miracle Mindset is causing you to suffer, you can mend it with one of the following  Miracle Mindsets:

1. We are all one

In order to overcome feelings of envy, it is necessary to recognize that we are all one.

2. What do I have to learn from this?

In order to overcome feelings of anger, step back and ask yourself, “What do I have to learn from this?” Be receptive and you will discover that there is a lesson to be learned.

3. Commit to love

To conquer lack of self-worth, you must commit to love. Treat yourself with loving compassion.

4. Meditate

When you’re experiencing blocked creativity, sit down and meditate. Meditating for twenty minutes twice a day will lead to creative breakthroughs, not only during time of meditation, but throughout the day.

5. “I am surrounded by presence.”

When you are overcome with loneliness, recognize that you are always surrounded by presence, in the company of your higher self. You can repeat this affirmation throughout the day, “I am surrounded by presence.”

6. Forgiveness

When you feel fear, choose forgiveness. Forgive whatever is causing you to feel fearful. When you forgive, you will be empowered with peace.

7. Gratitude

When you feel overwhelmed by the demands of life, choose to feel gratitude for all that you are given. Being grateful magically eases the stress and relieves the tension.

8. Pray

When you are in a state of disconnection from your higher self, the best remedy is to pray.


Have you ever struggled with any of these negative emotions or limiting beliefs? Were any of these Miracle Mindsets useful in overcoming negativity? Please leave a comment and share your experiences.

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4 thoughts on “8 Miracle Mindsets to Overcome Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

  1. I was told once that we are a ‘work in progress’. Reading the above non miracle mind sets I appreciate more than ever how much I have progressed into miracle mind sets. Gratitude flows through forgiveness. In meditation I am conscious of the presence that supports the person I am becoming. Through prayer I am connected to all humanity. All is well. We are one. I Am.

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