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Manifesting a Joyous Family Life

As we interact with people all day, everyday it is all too easy to blame others for the way we are feeling. It is especially highlighted around children as they can help us into a good feeling place but they can often make us feel angry and frustrated. However, when we are able to stay in a place of joy when the little-ones are kicking and screaming and the big ones are slamming doors, it is then we know, we are being the best parents we can possibly be!

My children have meltdowns like all other children, what I’ve learned over the years is the role I play and my reaction before, during and after such tantrums! I’ve learnt that my intention as a parent is to remain happy even when they are suffering. That there is nothing more important than my own alignment.

The newborn babies come into this world as teachers of unconditional love.
Children are so aware of their right to be happy and that well-being abounds, that when they are having a moment of misalignment they find it excruciating.

Teenagers generally are closer to their alignment than most adults yet they are often seen to be self-absorbed and sulky. They need to feel in control of their lives and not be constantly guided by their parents, asking them to figure out their problems while being loving and supportive builds up self-confidence, trust and a fulfilling relationship. Parents who feather the nest make weak children, the child will resent us for not being allowed to fly and in turn blame us for every bump in the road.

10 steps in becoming a powerful parent through the eyes of source:

  1. Show them respect and appreciation for who they are everyday.
  2. Tell you children that you know they have their own guidance within them.
  3. Practice belief in their well-being.
  4. Give them the power to make their own way, they will learn through the process of trial and error.
  5. Be consistent in your trust of them and your belief in their inner guidance.
  6. Teach them the importance of meditation, quieting the mind to hear their guidance and thoughts.
  7. Tell them how excited you are about their life.
  8. Let them know that life is meant to be fun.
  9. Soothe your resistance that you have built up around you.
  10. Be playful, be easy in your self-appreciation.

When you ease the resistance not only will your home be filled with joy, trust and respect for one another but right outside your door will be your abundance that is lined up for you. 

As they say: “Be easy, don’t take life too seriously, life is meant to be fun.”

With love,




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