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Release Judgement- Stop criticizing!

Reminder to be non-judgementalI have a little problem. I can be too hard on myself and too hard on the ones I love. It’s called being judgemental.

Now who am I to have all the answers or to think I know what is best? When I am being too critical, I’ve lost my inner peace. It’s because I’ve let my ego take over and have become disconnected from the source.

The way for me to reconnect to the source, to get back to unconditional love for myself and others is through these mind shifts:

Understand Instead of Judge.

If I am being judgmental or harsh, I’m not truly understanding myself or another. If I seek to understand, my judgement dissipates.

Compliment Instead of Complain.

If I catch myself complaining about anything, I’m only seeing one side and creating negativity. The only solution is to see the other side and to point it out, to compliment what is going right!

Build Up Instead of Put Down.

Just because I can point out what is wrong doesn’t do anything to make things better, nor does it make something I don’t like disappear. If, however, I notice what is working out well and focus on what I like, I feel good, other people feel good, and I see more of what I like!

Accept Instead of Accuse.

When I accuse myself or someone else of something, I’m pointing the finger and finding fault. I’m focusing on the problem and doing nothing to solve it. If I accept what is, I either realize that it isn’t so bad after all or a solution appears.

So if you find yourself criticizing yourself or others, release judgement with these mind shifts. They will help you get back into alignment and will remind you to treat yourself and others with love and compassion. You will be filled with peace and joy when you are easy on yourself and others.

With love,





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