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Clearing Chaos Meditation with Abe

We all have days when we feel like our worlds are spiralling out of control and chaos is all around us; When the idea of becoming a hermit sounds like our ideal role in life, and if we were a hermit, we would be eternally happy! However, we all know that being alone is not something we humans do very well. We all need to have interactions and relationships, ideally surrounding ourselves with love and happiness.

How do we do this and live a chaos-free live?

As Abraham reminds us; we need to look for things that feel good from wherever we are. Putting attention on our story of chaos and disorder is at the same time activating that vibration within us. Our feelings become scattered and confused, as we focus our attention on many different things usually with contradictions among them. This gives us the desire to run and hide, to close ourselves off from all that is going on.

It is in these times that we need to practice choosing thoughts that feel good, using our will-power to make feeling good “THE” most important thing at that time. As we work on our attention to feeling good, in the process law of attraction brings us more of those things that make us feel good.

When we are feeling Chaotic we can do these two simple exercises:

Firstly an affirmation to enjoy the richness and fullness of variety in life from a place of ease:

“I have a new-found determination to focus with the intention of generating a feeling that feels good to me while I do it.”

And the simplest meditation imaginable:

Just Breathe:
Sit every day for 15 minutes and fill your body with air;


The chaos will smooth out as you focus on filling your body and lungs full of air. This exercise of allowing, above all other exercises clears your resistance and calms the storm of chaos.

Remember: You are worthy, you are loved, you are brilliant!

Once you have mastered breathing!

Try the following:
BREATHE and love me,
breathe and love me,
breathe and love air,
breathe and love my body,
breathe and love,
breathe and love,
breathe and love

Over a few days, master focusing on your breath and love for yourself, when you can do this comfortably; repeat your focused breath, this time with love for that person, and that one and that one…

Abraham speaks of Chaos and this breathing exercise with the following words: “Chaos is the sensation of having too many things activated within you, but over time through this breathing exercise things line right up to form the perfect picture that you’ve been accumulating over many, many years. Source has already become it, you begin noticing that who you have become in terms of physical energy you just begin becoming, in terms of manifestation you just become it!”

Breathe yourself into alignment and when you bump up against something that would usually feel uncomfortable, just breathe!

with great appreciation,




7 thoughts on “Clearing Chaos Meditation with Abe

  1. The breath is always with us. Costs us nothing. No special equipment needed, just our God given lungs which, like the brain, we don’t utilise enough. So big thank you Ella and Abe for reminding us of the gift we were given on our entry to this plane of consciousness . The breath always brings us into the present, the Now of being.
    Breathe and let go, out of chaos comes creation. X

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