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5 Easy Ways to Get Into the Vortex Now!

The vortex quoteIf you’ve ever listened to or read the Teachings of Abraham by Jerry and Esther Hicks, you’ve probably heard of the vortex. So what exactly is it?

The vortex is the place where you connect to your true self, your higher self, and to infinite intelligence. It is your anchor and a well where your deepest desires are stored.

Aligning yourself with the vortex fosters miracles and manifestation. When you are in the vortex, you vibrate with your hopes and dreams. You are connected to pure, positive energy. You are filled with light, enthusiasm, joy, passion, inspiration and appreciation.

Your natural state is in the vortex. To be in the vortex, you must allow yourself to feel good.

You are out of the vortex when you feel angry, hopeless, fearful or frustrated. When you worry, doubt, fear, resent or judge, you disallow well-being and disconnect from the source.


Relax, appreciate, and allow yourself back into the vortex. The quickest way to get back into alignment is to focus on feeling good. So go ahead and smile. Hug someone. The most important thing is to feel joy!

Here are 5 easy ways to align with the source and start manifesting your dreams:

1. Meditate

This is the easiest way to raise your vibrations and to maintain a state of bliss.

2. Read

Read something uplifting and inspirational. Grab a cup of coffee and browse this blog, it’s likely to have something that resonates with you 😉

3. Appreciate

Appreciate your surroundings, your loved ones, children, pets, nature, a sunset or a long bath. True appreciation magically dissolves the negativity blocking you from well-being.

4. Visualize

Create a mental movie of your life in the Vortex and feel how good it is to live your dreams. Remind yourself how perfect reality is in the vortex.

5. Laugh

Watch a funny movie! Listen to children talk to each other. Find the humor in mundane tasks. A good giggle leads to immediate alignment.

Savor these wonderful feelings and flow into your perfect life.

You are loved!




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