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The REAL you

The Real You by Alan Watts (edited by Tragedy and Hope)

If you’re feeling a little lack of confidence or you’re unsure of who you are or where you’re heading, this beautifully edited video by Hope and Glory with the ever delightful words of Alan Watts is sure to make you feel more than simply reassured. This short video really needs no words – it speaks so deeply, it will fill you with empowerment, knowing, joy, and trust that the real you IS the whole Universe!

Notes on Alan Watts:
Alan Watts was a British Philosopher who was profoundly influenced by the East Indian philosophies of Vedanta and Buddhism, and by Taoist thought, which is reflected in Zen poetry and the arts of China and Japan. After leaving the Church he never became a member of another organized religion, although he wrote and spoke greatly about Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Some American Buddhists criticized him for not sitting regularly in zazen, even though he recorded several guided meditations teaching a variety of mediation techniques. Alan Watts responded simply by saying: “A cat sits until it is done sitting, and then gets up, stretches, and walks away.”


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