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Note to Self: There Is No Shortage.

I have been very much in alignment with my higher self lately, feeling great, inspired and aware of the manifestations I had been visualising coming into my reality. However an amazingly bizarre conflict in my own mind occurred while living out one of these manifestations.

We were at a beautiful hotel with Spa and sea views to-die-for! We’d had it in mind to go for quite some time, over a year in-fact. But the discussion always came about “Do we take the kids?” I, feeling exhausted and quite frankly total selfish wanted a relaxing weekend away. For me the answer was clear “No!” They’ll be running around, up and down the corridors, shouting and causing annoyance to all the guests, and myself.

Very evidently as it turns out law of attraction gave me this reality! It seems I had planned the whole weekend around how crazy our wonderful girls were actually going to behave – totally against the wiser version of my higher self! This however, was not the lightbulb moment that turned the whole think around for me (- thankfully just in time!).

What really woke me up was the exhilaration I felt when I decided that it was not going to be a ‘once in a lifetime moment’, nor a ‘now or never” moment, it wasn’t  my ‘one shot at living the luxury lifestyle’. This is how I want to spend my free time. I want more of these pleasures, I am deserving of this and I am worthy of more of these holidays! I am expecting more times like these ahead.

While I was feeling the vibrational alignment with the lifestyle I was also experiencing the shortage mentality of making it perfect. As I subconsciously had the belief it was going to be a long time coming again. Therefore, not truly trusting the process of my desires coming into reality. As I was experiencing these negative emotions I knew it was a result of my inner guidance being out of whack, telling me that there is more of this, my inner guidance knows my abundance and that well-being abounds!

Once I had made this connection I was able to lighten up, let things go and begin a new thought process from the higher perspective of source:

I’ll be back here again, I can relax then, for now I’ll enjoy being here in this moment with my lovely girls and appreciate the joy and love that surrounds me. This is perfect and there is more on its way!

It is possible to change your mental response regarding shortage in other areas of your life, repeating short mantras “there’s plenty more where that came from“, and “this is the first of many” will help you shift your focus from shortage to trusting the process which, in time brings with it abundance.

Abundance of time, love, beautiful moments, luxuries, whatever your heart desires!

We had a fabulous getaway in beautiful setting, with good food and the most amazing company. It wasn’t as relaxing as I had initially hoped but the happiness and joy I felt was far beyond what I would have felt, had I left my girls behind! There is no shortage in this world we are infinite in our beings and as I have tasted the deliciousness of these moments I have such a good springboard to jump off, as more of these moments come my way.

With great appreciation for all, including my darlings who help show me the way,



2 thoughts on “Note to Self: There Is No Shortage.

  1. This is inspirational for me, because I’ve had similar feelings myself about “once in a lifetime” opportunities. Why tense up waiting for the “big one”, when there are so many moments to savour! 🙂

  2. This is so true Steve, it’s wonderful to hear that we are all learning to live to our fullest yet sometimes we can miss the moment of pure joy!
    Thank you!

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