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The Inner Smile Meditation

Smile - Mother Teresa

This is a great guided meditation by Lee Holden, an internationally known meditation instructor and Qi Gong Master. Qi Gong is a moving meditation which aligns the body, breath, and mind. Its calm, rhythmic breathing and movements awaken your life force. You can listen to it here or on the Omvana app.

In this meditation, you will heal your body and wash your mind of negativity by filling yourself with smiling energy and light. When you tend to your body with understanding, love, and kindness, you neutralize stress and dissolve blockages. In just ten minutes you will have more energy, an increased ability to focus, and improved well-being. The benefits increase with regular practice. You will notice greater self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and a better connection to your inner self.

A smile sends benevolent loving energy to the receiver. In this Taoist internal alchemy practice, you are the receiver of this healing force.

Hate, anger, and impatience can arise. Be watchful and work with them. They cause illness and energy blockages. If you encounter a block, smile into it and dissolve the negativity. Appreciate the cells and organs in your body. This calms, cleanses, and balances your emotions, as well as boosts your immune system.

Upon completion, you will be filled with light, peace, happiness, and an inner smile. You will be relaxed, centered, rooted, and stable. You will be more compassionate with yourself and with others.

Reach your true potential! Try it out and let me know what you think!

With love,




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