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Find your Passion -The Success Follows


To shift up a gear from allowing just enough to survive to letting the abundance flow in to your life Dr. Joe Vitale stresses the importance of clearing subconscious beliefs.These beliefs develop over time through society that there is a shortage, scarcity or that money is the route of all evil.

As we learn to trust our inner fire we learn to accept that the heart knows money is not bad. We must learn to accept our worthiness. We all want a life free from struggle and money provides this. Money is not bad, money in fact is neutral in and of itself, it’s our belief surrounding money that is affecting whether the money is showing up or not, in our reality.

Truly wealthy people are not in love with money but are passionate about what they do. By following their passion and keeping an eye on the money it helps them see the opportunities that brings more money coming in. Helping them to continue to do what they love to do.

Accepting that MONEY is GOOD will allow our subconscious to change and allow the abundance to flow.

The key is to find your passion, to be on the “right” path and to follow your bliss, while at the same time be at peace with money. This will allow the abundance to come in.

To find your passion write out the following story and continue it:

You’ve already won the 500 thousand dollar lottery ticket, you’ve received the cheque been to the bank and have bought the houses you’ve wanted, and the cars and the handbags and shoes you’ve dreamt of, after all your delicious purchases, what will you do next….?

This is your calling, passion and Heaven on Earth.

Whatever it is, start to find a way of doing some of it now. If it’s to be a writer make time in your day to write, make it part of your routine and commit to it. If it’s to open up a bakery dedicate time to baking and start your recipe journal, share your gift among friends and family. As you’re following your passion the fire within will start to leading you to places you didn’t even know were coming. As you listen to your inspiration and start acting on it, before you know it you’ll be living the life of your dreams. with love Ella


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