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3 Mindfulness Fundamentals for Success

Ziglar quote

Your results can determine your attitude or your attitude can determine your results.

You can choose to live either way. To escape the roller coaster ups and downs of everyday life, your attitude must determine your results.

This is achieved through mindfulness. Being mindful promotes inner happiness, independent of external circumstances, and paves the way to success.

These 3 mindfulness fundamentals are essential for success:

1. Appreciation

When you are present and mindful, it is easy to appreciate your surroundings. You are not thinking about the future or worried about getting the results. You are just taking it all in, breathing in the air, noticing the beauty and all the good that is happening right now. This gets you into the right mindset and fills you with love, joy, and happiness. You are no longer heavy with worry or concern. Your positivity makes for an entertaining ride!

2. Non-attachment

When you are concerned with getting something in the future such as a new car, a new job, better exam results, a better body, or a better relationship, you are attached to your desire. Living mindfully in the present makes it possible to release these attachments. Your happiness no longer depends on whether or not you get these things. When you let them go, you are filled with peace. This is when, ironically, they begin to manifest in your life. It’s like competing in a sport. When you are focused on winning, making the goal or the basket, you essentially aren’t enjoying the game unless you make that goal or basket. When you start enjoying the game for what it is, you end up improving your performance and getting better results than before.

3. Receptivity

When you live in a state of worry or concern, thinking about how you are going to do things, you aren’t allowing yourself to be guided. You do not make the best choices or decisions. When you are mindful, you are receptive and open to receiving guidance. You begin to really listen to others and everything they say becomes a message or a clue for you. You are also receptive of your inner voice. As you follow your instincts and recognize the truth in certain messages, you move with ease and flow into the best outcome.

These 3 mindfulness fundamentals are prerequisites to success. The path of least resistance to your ideal future is possible through appreciation, non-attachment and receptivity.

So how often does your attitude determine your results? Or do you often get caught in the trap of letting your results determine your attitude? Try practising these mindfulness fundamentals and leave a comment sharing your thoughts and experiences. I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “3 Mindfulness Fundamentals for Success

  1. I love the simplicity of this which to me is the embodiment of mindfulness. We have all that we need in any given moment to optimise our joy.

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