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My Story

The Journey within

My story.
Have you read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or seen The Wizard of Oz?

In both these stories the protagonist leaves their home to go on a journey, a quest, to find treasure of some kind. As in so many stories the treasure was found right back at home, but the journey had been full of adventure, trials, wonder, friendship and knowledge. As in the Greek poem Ithaca it is the journey that is important and when we arrive we see with clear eyes what we knew all along.

I was born in a beautiful part of Wales, Isle of  Anglesey. I left when I was five and returned five years ago aged 59. In between I had my journey; I had my adventures, my trials, my moments of wonder and bliss. I met many teachers, I learned what I needed to know and I taught what I needed to learn (as Richard Bach says, we teach best what we most need to learn). And what have I gained  from this journey? What did I learn from those teachers, healers, helpers? What is my treasure? I will tell you.

My treasure is myself;  my coming home is being free to be all that I am without apology. I am perfect in my imperfections.

I will tell you a secret you may already know. Behind the heart centre is a smaller, hidden centre (guru chakra) and here is your Inner teacher. Here sits the guru within and the only way to open this chamber is by opening your heart.

The only way to open the heart is by humbly allowing the essence of who you are to breathe through you unconditionally. Stop thinking, stop planning, stop trying to be in charge and let the breath guide you to the true place of knowledge.

I am the way the truth and the life; so it was said 2000 years ago. I Am; hear those words as you breathe, softly, gently,with humility. The Kingdom is within, here is the door to your treasure.

In Yoga when we practice Asana /posture, we lead with the heart, the head remains in line, the breath takes us  into the posture, the breath supports the posture, and in time the breath dissolves the posture. The head remains in line, it is the heart that leads. The breath opens us to ourselves and reveals our true beauty, our hidden wisdom and our deepest joy.
Be still and know, I am that, I am.

On a beach in Kerala, on one of my adventures, I knew completely that I was all in all. In that moment of blissful all oneness, a deep surge of ecstasy ran through me as powerful as the ocean at my feet. I was the ocean I was the golden sand I was the sun the sky I was complete.

I am that, I am.

The real lesson is to carry that bliss into the world, carry it gently in the heart to serve through love.
I see the blessings of my life now in new ways through my children through my grandchildren. I have come home. I am blessed.



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