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Peace Be to This Man Meditation

Osho peace

This short meditation is extremely powerful and easy to practise as you go about your day. It instantly transforms negativity and raises not only the receiver’s vibrations but also your own. The unhappy are filled with joy, the stressed are relieved, the angry are soothed and the lonely are filled with love.

When somebody comes to see you or meet you, just settle within yourself, become silent. When the man enters, deep down feel peace for him. Feel: ‘Peace be to this man’. Don’t just say it, feel it. Suddenly you will see a change in the man as if something unknown has entered into his being. He will be totally different. Try it.

∼Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), The Orange Book

So as you encounter others throughout the day, practise this meditation and transform your world!

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