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Four Pathways to Success

Quote about successWayne Dyer, world-renowned self-development author and motivational speaker, teaches that there are four pathways to successfully manifesting your dreams.

The four pathways to success are discipline, wisdom, love and surrender.

The Pathway of Discipline

Discipline is about taking action. It’s doing the necessary work and practice to reach perfection. Map out your goals and make it a habit to do something every day that will bring you closer to your ideals. If you are uncertain about the next step to take, start with your daily to-do list and tick off each chore after you’ve completed it.

The Pathway of Wisdom

Wisdom is using your intellect and seizing the opportunity to learn and grow every day. The world is your classroom. You can read, study, and live new experiences to enrich your life and expand your knowledge at all times.

The Pathway of Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is about opening your heart to self-love and love for others. Love who you are and everything that you do. When you love what you do, you get into the state of flow and your performance becomes spectacular. Love brings you into alignment and shortens the distance between where you are now and where you ideally would like to be.

The Pathway of Surrender

Surrender is the ultimate pathway. Surrender is about letting go and allowing for success, abundance and fulfillment to manifest itself in your life. It’s about expressing gratitude and appreciating what you have. It´s also about being grateful now for what you trust and believe you are going to receive.

With discipline, wisdom, love and surrender, you’ll successfully manifest your deepest desires.

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