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AH Meditation for Manifesting

Your vibrations

This Morning Meditation for Manifestation from Wayne Dyer will help you to manifest your desires with ease. Practising this meditation will help you to improve your focus and to be truly receptive. In just 20 minutes you will be ready to surrender your intentions and allow them to manifest freely in your life.

When you release your desires to infinite intelligence, you release your attachments to how or when you think your intentions should manifest. You only need to focus on how good it feels to have these desires and how grateful you are for feeling this way.

In doing so, you align yourself vibrationally with what you want and as a result you are able to attract anything into your life. AH is the vibration of creation, therefore the more you are able to match this vibration, the more you will be able to create!

Just trust the process and the results will follow!



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