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Joy Meditation For Children

Today I Choose JoyYou can choose to make the most of your time with your children this summer by teaching them how to meditate. This meditation from Buddha Dharma Education Association and BuddhaNet will help your children learn to spread joy around them.

Joy is a beneficial, healing energy that increases creativity, uplifts and disperses negativity. It also promotes growth and success, helping to overcome limitations.

Share the gift of joy with your children and help them reconnect with their true natures by guiding them through this Joy Meditation.

Before beginning, it is a good idea to do some stretching and deep breathing to get your children into a relaxed and focused state. Read this in a slow, peaceful voice. Pause to let the images sink in, helping your children visualize and feel the scene. When you are finished, ask your children to share their newfound insights with you.

Imagine a feeling of joy. You feel an opening in the top of your head. You feel joy floating in through the opening in the top of your head.

It fills up your head and neck. It fills your shoulders and arms. The joy floats down into your chest and your heart. Your heart is so full of joy. The joy floats on into your stomach and on into your back. It floats into your legs and feet. Every part of your body is full of joy.

You are so full of joy, it begins to spread out beyond your body. It spreads out to everyone in our classroom. It reaches beyond the classroom farther and farther until it spreads over the whole country. It spreads out to the whole earth, and continues to spread out even further into the universe-beyond the planets, beyond the stars, farther and farther. The whole universe is filled with your joy.

-BuddhaNet’s Guided Meditation for Primary Students

Be easy on your children and let them be playful. Gradually guide them towards completion. If they are distracted or uninterested, try again at another time. As their focus and attention increase with practice, they will begin to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

I would love to hear about your experiences! Leave a comment and let me know how you and your children progress on your journey to more joy.

With love,



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