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There’s just 1 goal….

20140709-232904-84544715.jpgA few days ago, I wrote a post on 4 simple ways to raise your vibration and within that post I mentioned that one of the ways could be through writing a list of positive aspects.

Here is a heavenly rampage of love mixed by vio77X. It is a perfect starting point. It will help you in two ways; the first, it will automatically raise your vibration as it is full of beautiful reminders of how we can appreciate the most fundamental things in life, and secondly it clarifies how simple it is to see the positive aspects that are occurring even when we can’t seem to see them.

The soft piano music in the background enhances the momentum of the perfectly spoken words of gifts we can all appreciate daily; feelings of love, self-worth and connection with others and the wider world will; I promise, instantly raise you to a better feeling place.

With great appreciation and love to you,
Have a beautiful day!




7 thoughts on “There’s just 1 goal….

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Just perfect timing and I’m sending you many virtual hugs of appreciation! I’d just finished writing a post about how I was having a moment of nebulous dread and then I clicked onto your post and listened to Abraham Hicks and I cried as I was reminded to be full of gratitude for everything. xxx

    • I can feel those warm hugs! Thank you for your kind words. A little reminder goes a long way. May your day be full of sunshine, Claudia!

    • Thank you Marla, we find it great fun writing and sharing our thoughts, finds and photos. I also, love your name!!

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