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Note to Self: You are Beautiful

you're beautiful too.jpeg

As the season of sunshine is in full swing I am feeling great exhilaration as I revel in my new-found acceptance of self. I have not always been a major fan of the summer months and mostly favoured the winter wrap up season as the belief that I couldn’t show certain parts of my body from the knee up to below the neck and everything in between, has always had its challenges in 30ºc sunshine.

Although I can’t claim two months of twice weekly Zumba classes have shredded the kilos, I am claiming it has come from my mental attitude. Recently I was asked: “How have you done it, how did you lose the weight?” instead of my usual “oh I haven’t” or “there’s still loads more to lose” I replied with a smile, “Thank you, and yes, I feel great”.

I have moved of the recent months into a much more pleasant place in my mind-set and body confidence. I have learnt to trust that my body works perfectly, I am now proud of my body and all that it has done for me, and still does for me. Daily I focus on the beauty within me and the quality of my hair and the pretty toe nails I have. I have learnt to be kind to my body to acknowledge that it responds really well to the good things I fuel it with. I have learnt to talk kindly of my body especially in front of my daughters, and although at first it felt like lies I am now believing it to be true.

I accept my flaws and dimples enough to walk and play on the beach with my children with as much confidence as necessary, I laugh and enjoy being in the sunshine, it feels wonderful to be in the cold sea and walking on the warm sand. My family and I are most fortunate to spend our summers at the beach. It’s that simple, there is no longer a negative aspect I carry among all this. Of course, I could spend a great deal more time focused on a perfect figure and apply the action to achieve it, I admire those that have such focus, yet; I no longer judge those that don’t, and most importantly I feel the power in the freedom from releasing the judgements and criticism of my own body.

Although I couldn’t love my body in my twenties when I did have a good figure I clearly didn’t have the right mindset, I’ve started loving it now in my late thirties, I might not have the perfect figure but the great mental attitude is so much more satisfying, as the feeling of freedom from my own criticism is so liberating I could spend my days naked on the beach like my children do.

I am older, I am wiser and I am grateful to know that although my body has changed I am ever increasingly beautiful. I’ve learnt that being beautiful is; confidence, someone genuine, spontaneous and passionate all completed with a smile. As I keep teaching my daughters with the words of Audrey – Happy girls are the prettiest!

Wake up, smile in the mirror and walk away.

With love,



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