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Guided Meditation by Abraham-Hicks for Well-being

Quote about well-being from Abraham

Start your day off right with this Guided Meditation for Well-Being from Abraham-Hicks.

This meditation will help you to align with Source Energy and get into the Vortex of Creation, where all your hopes and dreams are stored. You will be able to consciously connect to your higher self in order to joyfully go about your day with ease and flow.

With regular practice, you will notice less resistance to well-being, improved health, mental clarity, greater abundance, and improved relationships.

**This guided meditation is slower than the original version. If you’d like to hear the original as well as other great meditations for Getting into the Vortex, you can download the app for Android here or from iTunes here.

Give it a go and leave a comment about your experience!

With love,



6 thoughts on “Guided Meditation by Abraham-Hicks for Well-being

  1. Why did you slow the audio down? It’s hard to follow the rhythm of the breathing at this pace. It’s a beautiful meditation though, isn’t it? I use it often!

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