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Tonight I’m Doing Nothing

Doing Nothing

A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises in the Now – within and without.  Eckhart Tolle

Tonight I am doing nothing.
Not at this precise moment because I am writing this blog post.
Before I began writing, I was doing nothing.
After the writing I will go back to doing nothing.
All week I have been doing something.
Even in my sleep I was doing something because what I was doing woke me and kept me awake.
So for my mental, physical and my spiritual health, tonight I am doing nothing.

Try it! Try lying or sitting. Let the whole body relax into its support.
Let the arms and the legs become heavy, as heavy as lead.
Try it! Even for five minutes, do not move the body.
Don’t allow even a fly landing on your nose to make you move your body.
The fly will get bored and fly off.
Try it! Don’t respond to that itch, or that twinge, or anything else that grabs your attention.
Just don’t move.

Then notice your thoughts. Your body is so still, so relaxed but what is happening in your mind?
Your body is perfectly present. It does not want to go anywhere. It is so happy to be still.
All the organs are relaxing and revitalising as the breath just flows in and around. Your whole body is smiling from the inside. The moment is perfectly NOW.

But what is going on in the mind? What is the thought that urges you out of your stillness?
Is it something that happened during your day that now concerns you and brings a feeling of unease that causes you to move, change, get out?
What is going on in the mind? Is it a thought about tomorrow? Something you want or don’t want to have happen, something that maybe excites and urges you out of your stillness?
Where is your mind taking you?
Are your thoughts pulling you out of your stillness or taking you deeper into it?

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Tonight I am doing nothing. This means I shall be neither thinking about the past nor concerning myself with the future. Instead I shall be right in my body in the present moment of perfect stillness.

It may only last a moment but I shall be there, fully aware, and I can build on each moment to get better and better and be present in the NOW of being not doing.

Tonight I am doing nothing, just being.





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