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Can You Be Spiritual and Wealthy?

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Can you be spiritual and really wealthy?

This is a question that many people struggle with. Many of us believe that spiritual people aren’t concerned with money and don’t usually have a lot of money. We also believe that rich people aren’t spiritual, we think that they are materialistic.

This opposing duality is exactly what prevents the majority of spiritual people from becoming truly wealthy. It is necessary to overcome these beliefs in order to establish a healthy, positive relationship with money and bridge the gap between being a good, loving, compassionate person and being rich.

T. Harv Eker is the living embodiment of a spiritual, wealthy person. He is a life coach dedicated to helping others overcome their limiting beliefs about wealth and spirituality. Life success coach, Tony Robbins, says, “Study Harv’s work as if your life depended on it!

In Secrets of a Spiritual Millionaire, T. Harv Eker uses an 8-step process to work through each of the possible blocks which hold you back from greater abundance. In order to leave the path of lack and take the path of affluence, first you must shift the way you think. These are some of the limiting beliefs you must overcome in order to become deeply spiritual and really wealthy:

Money and Spirituality

If we have conflicting thoughts and feelings regarding wealth and spirituality, we will struggle to become rich. We have to let go of any negativity towards money and accept that we can be a good person as well as rich. In fact, in creating wealth, we can improve not only our own lives but also the lives of others! We should follow the Huna philosophy, “Bless that which you want.” Instead of resenting the man driving the sports car, we should bless him. The mind shift is: I bless the wealthy. The more wealth I have, the more I can give and the more I can help others.


A lot of us struggle with our worthiness. We undervalue our worth, thinking that we don’t deserve more. Well, the truth is that we are good enough. We are even more than good enough! The mind shift is: I am worthy! I deserve wealth and abundance!

Rich People Are Special

We tend to believe that we are different. We think that rich people are special and have something that we don’t. In reality, we are all special. We each have a unique gift to share with the world. The mind shift is: I have my own unique purpose. I am special!

It’s Difficult to Get Rich

We tend to believe that making money is hard work. We think that in order to do so, we won’t be able to enjoy life. We prefer a more comfortable lifestyle. We want one that we enjoy, even if that means earning less. Well, the only way to really make a lot of money and to keep it, is through loving what you do! To really succeed in life, you have to enjoy the journey. Becoming wealthy should be fun, it should make you happy and it should help you spread love and happiness to your family as well as to others. The mind shift is: I love what I do! The journey to wealth is fun and fulfilling!

It’s Impossible to Manage Money

Most of us think it is a chore to budget our money. It shouldn’t be boring. It should be fun to earn, keep and grow our wealth. The mind shift is: Managing money is exciting, fun and effective!


Deep down, we are afraid of changing. We fear achieving success. We make excuses to keep us where we are. That’s because we don’t really believe we can get where we want to get. We need to establish a plan for taking us from where we are now to where we want to be. In designing a plan, we set ourselves goals that we truly know we can achieve, that align with who we are now. Each step brings us closer to our dream and eventually, when we are ready, we’ll get there. The mind shift is: I can accomplish this!

Money Causes Problems in Relationships

Each one of us has a set of beliefs related to money. When our beliefs clash with those of our partner, we get into arguments. Money is not the cause of the problem, our beliefs about money are. We must be willing to understand our partner, have intelligent discussions and try to reach a common ground. The mind shift is: I can make peace with money and improve my relationships!

It takes time to make money

Many of us hold onto the belief that we have to wait to become wealthy. We think that it is going to be a long journey and that is will take up most of our time. However, change can be immediate if we accept this idea and allow wealth to flow into our lives, starting today! The mind shift is: I accept abundance now. I allow wealth to flow into my life!

What are your thoughts about wealth and spirituality? Do you struggle with any of these blocks? Leave a comment and let me know if any of these tips help you overcome any limiting beliefs that you might have!

Health, wealth and happiness!



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