Morning Meditation


Morning Meditation:

Rise early while the house is still.
Prepare for meditation as you would if you were going to meet a friend.
Cleanse. Be joyful.
Come in to sitting. Feet on the floor, hands in lap. Prepare for this special time.
Say to yourself: “For the next twenty minutes I will be still.”
“For the next twenty minutes I will remain completely still”
“My clear intention is to be in perfect stillness.”
Close your eyes and take three deep slow breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.
Ah peace. Ah stillness. Ah joy.
Feel the changes coming into your body and mind.
Imagine a little flame burning in the centre of you head, just behind your forehead.
Right in the centre of your head a little flame burns.
Now imagine this little flame travelling down your spine and sitting right in the base of your spine.
The little flame travels down through the spinal column to its base.
Your lower back now has a little flame burning.
Feel the warmth of that flame in the base of your spine.

Remain still and picture this little flame spreading out into the organs of your body;
feel the energy of this flame flowing into your internal organs.
It is like a warm wave of energy flowing through and around every cell and tissue and nerve,
every organ of your body being filled with warmth and light.
Your organs are being bathed in light and warmth and love and compassion. Feel the wisdom of this light knowing exactly where to go, which parts of the body need an extra boost of energy, which parts of the body need healing, which parts need love and compassion.
Sit with this for a while enjoying the feeling of your whole body being bathed in this loving energy, the light of compassion, wisdom and love.

Now gather the light into the heart centre. Feel your heart centre full of this energy, this love, this compassion this wisdom.

Let this energy flow out from your heart centre and flow down, around and over the whole of your being.
You are sitting inside this light; the room you are in is filled with this beautiful energy.
Then begin to direct this light to your family, send the energy to your friends, to your workplace, to your town, to your community. Take your time, see, feel the energy moving outward, expanding.
See, feel, this energy flowing from your beautiful heart out into the wider world, to cities and countries. To places of pain and suffering. To leaders and healers and workers. To the animals, the insects the birds the oceans.
Let your heart open and expand freely.
Do this until the whole of this wonderful planet is bathed in the light, the love, the compassion, the wisdom flowing from your beautiful heart.
Take your time; something wonderful is taking place.
Wait till it is done.

I am Love. I am Wisdom. I am Compassion. I am That I am.

When you feel it is done, just bring your hands up and place a kiss on both palms.
Bring the palms together at the heart centre and gently bow to the great spirit that guides and protects and makes all things well.

It is done.
Aum tat sat.
All is well.



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