Creative Visualization



I have found over the years, one of the most enjoyable processes as I go about my day is to script my future. I have a great belief in journaling and creative visualization; not only does it feel great, there is plenty of evidence of it working through manifested desires, in many areas of my life.

I sit quietly in the mornings for 20 minutes or so, following my meditation I write a list of positive aspects. If I’m not feeling up-to-speed with my desires I will write a gratitude list instead. This, I often find, will flow into a creative script of my desires in detail. It clarifies what are my priorities and what desires I have been resistant to over time, as they are still not manifesting.

I have found that during the silence of the now, it is in those moments I wake up to seeing that I am living a life previously scripted in a journal. I have found great empowerment through this process as it reminds me of my abilities as a creator, the creator of my own life. I love to dream and imagine with clarity what potential I have in all aspects of my life.

Working through Lisa’s courses I was able to break down the areas of my life and start piece by piece to map out a visual plan of the direction I wanted each area in my life to look like. I have learnt to get down to the specifics of why I wanted these things and most importantly how it feels to actually live among them, before having them show in a manifested form.

The key to results with creative visualization is in the details of the feeling of ownership. For example, if you want the BMW; How does it feel to drive it? How does the wheel feel to grip? What colour is it, inside and outside? What does it smell like? What does the engine sound like when you turn the key? How heavy is the key? Where do you park it?  What does the door sound like when you close it?

All these details must live in your mind before you take ownership of the object in the here and now. It is a great exercise to do after meditation as your mind is clear and less resistant to your desires. Remember it must be an enjoyable feeling. You must experience the feeling of ownership as you’re writing you desires as if they are already manifested.

I often find I start writing in future tense for maybe a line or two and subconsciously it changes into present tense as if these words become a letter to a friend about how life is flowing so perfectly. If you keep your journals safe and set this process up to be a routine in your life, you will look back through your journals and see how things have all worked out as you had imagined or even better!

For me the process is an inner desire to write and to write about my dreams and desires. It feels great to own that life, making it a ritual in my day keeps the momentum of the vision going, while changing old beliefs and subconscious thoughts into new life changing and powerful manifestations.

Lisa Nichols lays out a simple way to reprogram your subconscious blueprint; changing your deepest beliefs, thoughts and programs. Through the vivid images, strong emotions and the routine of journaling or creative visualization, you can expand your comfort zone and fulfil all of your deepest desires.

Following Lisa’s simple 3 step process you can rewire your subconscious mind. Lisa says: “Your subconscious mind is so powerful it will help you live the life you’ve always wanted — a big life filled with increasing success, happiness, excitement and so much natural, unforced motivation that you jump out of bed every morning, thrilled to be alive, and revitalized by the inspiration of achieving your biggest dreams… dreams that are worthy of you!”   Just a reminder – we can not know now the way or the how everything will flow to us, but if we can feel often enough to lift the vibration of it, it will come.

If you are interested in learning more about the process of creative visualization I recommend you check out Lisa Nichols’ course here. I hope you find comfort in these processes and find time for a new and powerful ritual in your day.

Please leave a comment below if you have enjoyed this post or would like more information on this process.

All Love Ella


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