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Truth and Lies

You are perfect

There is one main conflict that the human mind faces in life: the truth and what is not the the truth. The truth can bring goodness, love and happiness, while the other can create abuse and suffering. Once we find consciousness in ourself, we can face the lies, stop believing them and begin to uncover the love in our lives.

Life creates what is real, and humans create a story about what is real. We interpret, qualify and judge everything we perceive, almost as if we are dreaming while we are awake. What we call “thinking” is actually a voice of knowledge inside our head that has accumulated information throughout our years on this earth. We use this knowledge to make our stories, to tell us what we know and to help us make sense out of this world around us. The problem we face with this voice of knowledge is being able to detect when it is hurting or helping us, lying or telling the truth.

One important thing to remember is that it is not necessary to have internal dialogue to survive. In fact, a lot of the internal dialogue inside our head makes our life more complicated and more confused. A person can know without thinking and can perceive by what they feel.

Let’s look at the mind for a minute. The mind thinks, just as the ears hear and the nose smells. The mind won’t stop thinking unless we force it to; it’s just doing what it naturally senses it should do. If we don’t learn how to quiet our mind, it clouds us with nonsense and takes away our inner peace. It tells us lies all the time: “I shouldn’t feel this way.” “Real men don’t cry.” “I’m not good enough for this person.” Whatever it may be, it’s just a figment of your imagination that has trained itself to speak to you, and it does not necessarily mean that what it’s saying is true. Once we become aware of these thoughts, we can confront the liar that is living inside our heads. We can stop listening and believing the absurdity that it feeds to us, and then move towards finding the truth.

Every emotion you feel is real, it is the truth. You can try to repress feelings and pretend they never existed, but then you’re just lying to yourself again. Feelings come directly from within, and that reaction is authentic. The voice in your head can make you ashamed of these feelings; it can judge you and bring you down, but don’t let it win. What is important to remember is that nothing is ever wrong with whatever you feel. Sometimes feelings are inexplicable, but focus on the fact that they are true.

It takes integrity and a strong mind to overcome the power of a lie. Lies are engrained in every one of our minds, whether we meant it to happen that way or not. Luckily, we have the ability to understand where these lies come from, and we are capable of making them stop. I challenge you to stop listening to the voice inside your head, and to start experiencing the truth that is this life. Love and happiness is everywhere, and you will see it when you stop believing the lies.

For a deeper look into this topic check out “The Voice of Knowledge” by Miguel Ruiz, a Toltec wisdom book.



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