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Believing is Seeing

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“You”ll See it when you Believe it,” Dr. Wayne Dyer.

An ascended Master over 2000 years ago said, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

A recent incident at work showed me how much our belief in something makes it happen.

A woman came to us looking for care work. She really wanted to work at our care home.

I had no permanent position for her, only relief work which is not reliable and she was the main earner in her family.

She took the relief work but kept letting us down because of the demands of her regular job.

I had to tell her that is was difficult for us to use her as she was only able to fulfil one half shift a week and sometimes not even that so her performance was not improving.

She agreed that it wasn’t working out for either of us and we left it that if ever a full time position did come up I would contact her and we would discuss it again then.

I then received a call from her saying she was giving up her other job and would work on our bank and pick up as many shifts as she could.

I was anxious for her as bank work is so unreliable and she had a family to care for, but she was insistent that this was what she wanted to do.

She began to pick up shifts, a half day here, a full day there; and in this time she began to prove herself to be a valuable member of staff who obviously was passionate about caring for elderly people with dementia.

One month after coming to us on bank, a full time vacancy came available.

I put up the notice and she applied for the position; I was able to offer her the full time, permanent post she so wanted.

She was really happy and full of gratitude. I said to her, “You wanted this job, you took a risk in leaving your other job, and now you have the full time position you needed.”  She said, “And it is the best decision I have ever made, I love it here!”

This woman knew what she wanted. She built up her belief enough to be able to leave a secure position without waiting to SEE if there would be a full time position, she BELIEVED there would be and within a very short time span she had exactly what she wanted.

We are better for having this woman on our team.

Every day in small and big ways, our beliefs are bringing us exactly what we want. If we do not like what we see then we must learn how to change our beliefs.

Listen to the words you use and they will give you an indication of what your belief system is like.

A meditation that helps to transcend any negative beliefs we may carry around is simply to repeat So-Ham.

With each inhalation we say Sooo… and with each exhalation we say Hammm…..

This is called the universal mantra and can be translated in English as “I am that I am that I am that I am…”

This meditation harmonises the breath with the mind and brings the whole nervous system into a quiet, relaxed state.

Mantra is like a little boat that we climb into and it carries us across the ripples of thought to stillness and peace.

During the day when you lose your sense of self, or when the ripples become giant waves,  mentally repeat “So-Ham” a few times and this will bring you back into your centre, back to still waters.  It’s simple but when practised regularly it has a profound effect.


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