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The Key to Living the Unconditional Life

The Situation

We are not always in a position to change circumstances or situations that are driving our negative emotions or making us feel less than who we want to be. Sometimes we are feeling so caught up in the reality of the conditions around us that feeling good is just far too difficult; but we are, let’s remember, powerful people. We have the power to change our minds from one minute to the next; therefore we are also able to improve our emotional state, right here, right now.

If we’re improving our emotional state without changing the conditions then maybe there is hope that the condition will join us and change too!

Maybe certain conditions or circumstances are hindering you from finding some real happiness in the present moment, we frequently are all too aware of lack and struggle in our lives.

With guidance from Abraham-Hicks here is the key to unconditional living. This process will help you move forward to a better feeling place even if certain unpleasant conditions can’t be changed just yet.

The Condition

The circumstance, situation or problem that you are witnessing, which is causing your current negative emotions. That thing that is not pleasing when you focus on it.

Acknowledge the condition

Write it out clearly…“The condition that is causing me to feel uncomfortable, frustrated and miserable right now is the muffin top above my jeans”.

The Key

If this condition were to resolve itself right now how would I feel?

I would feel light, vibrant, healthy and fit. I would feel good in my jeans and I would look forward to making decisions on what to wear. I would feel fabulous when I look in the mirror. I’d feel proud of who I’ve become.

Okay, so maybe my belly hasn’t shrunk by two dress sizes but my self-esteem has grown and my vibe towards my body has improved and I do feel like that new person. I already own it!

Boosting the self talk as if the condition has cleared, enhances your acceptance of your changed emotions on the subject or condition. Raising your emotional state right here and now is the first line of manifestation, on the heels of those emotions will come, motivation, inspiration, gym friends, free classes, a change in eating habits, maybe even a passion for Zumba!

This applies to all areas of your life, although here it’s more light-hearted than other conditions you may be living. It works for all conditions – learning to live the unconditional life means we must learn to find tricks to raise our vibration on the subject. Finding the feeling before the condition changes. By finding the feeling apart from the condition you are moving towards your dreams regardless of the current situation.

Once you raise your vibration you will take inspired action which will lead you to the solutions, contacts and opportunities to change those conditions.

Until then be easy on yourself, lighten up. Trust that things are always working out for you.

All Love



4 thoughts on “The Key to Living the Unconditional Life

  1. I have a couple books of HICKS and they have served me well in growth over the years..evrytime i read the entire book AGIN…and AGAIN i learn soemthing new on a different level…badda bing!!

    • It really is amazing isn’t it Rhonda! It’s so perfect how we can all be listening to or reading the same thing but we also all get exactly what we need from it! Thank you for your comment

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