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I Am Pure & Light

I am Noble

From my morning meditation came these words:  “You are connected to all things by Love…To Love yourself is to Love the whole World. You are Complete. All in All”

I am noble

I am strong

That I am.

I am joy

I am peace

That I am.

I am love

I am light

That I am

I am creator

I am created

That I am.

I am All

I am nothing

That I am!

There is a beautiful mantra taken from the ancient scriptures called Upanishads. We used to chant it at the end of our yoga class and it comes back to me now as I prepare for a return visit to India which is, I believe, my spiritual home.

The mantra means: “That is complete; This is complete; from the completeness comes the completeness. If completeness is taken away only completeness remains.”

It can be sung/chanted or said:   Om. Poornamadah, Poornamidam, Poornat.


                                                     Poornasaya, Poornamaadaaya,


As with all mantras is should be said from the heart and with the intention of allowing the sounds to carry you to the higher levels of consciousness where our true Self resides. The journey is always joyous, always rewarding, and always one to take again and again and again, until there is no journey.

Om tat sat.




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