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I Do Not Face Reality – I am the Creator of My Reality


Everything is perceptual your vibration is your interpretation of what it is you are perceiving in any given moment. When we realise that we are able to change our perception of certain circumstances through reaching for better feeling thoughts we are becoming a master creator of our chosen reality. The aim is to work on feeling good as often as you possibly can. The better you feel more often the more real your reality becomes. Reducing negative thought from 3 minutes down to 2 minutes and eventually down to less than 17 seconds will increase your happiness and in turn bring all of those wonderful desires into manifested reality.

We are so often, quick to presume things are going wrong or they’re not working out, purely based on our perception of the situation. However, using hindsight how often do we actually look back on those situations and give thanks? Thanks, that it did actually work out for the best.

If you can accept that the Universe is on your side and that your gut or your inner guide is working with you. During times of struggle we feel the pain of splitting ourselves in two; our ego on the one side telling us it’s not working out or it’s too hard. But the much-loved quieter soul, our inner being, whom if we still ourselves long enough tells us; it’s all working out, that we can achieve our goals and that we are loved.

Our emotions stir up in our solar plexus, when we feel negative emotion it is our awareness that we are disconnected to our true self. The most important step towards any change of circumstance, or desire is to care about the way we feel. We must train ourselves to have unrealistic thoughts, so much so, that our reality becomes unreal to those that surround us. They will tell you “You bury your head in the sand, yet if you consistently do so, they will look at your life as if you were living a fairytale. Others will say you need to face reality you should reply: “I’m creating my reality”.

Here are 4 mindsets to change your reality:

STOP – Stop focusing on the problem.

Go general, think about anything else that makes you feel ok, go for a walk, have a nap, meditate, read a book or watch a fun comedy. Anything that distracts your mind from the problem – if only for a little while.

REMEMBER – Remind yourself.

Things are always working out for me, nobody is doing anything to me they are just cooperating with me, as I have practiced a vibration long enough for others to respond to it in this way.

ACKNOWLEDGE – Acknowledge the components of the condition which is unsettling to you.

Answer the question you ask yourself; if this condition would change right now I would feel…….list all the great feelings and emotions you would feel under those new conditions.

THANKS – Give thanks for the contrast.

Out of the mist of contrast we gain clarity as we learn to perceive things from a different angle we tune ourselves to a different frequency and we are able to realise things, solutions present themselves, we see the path, we realise we’re on the path.

This post is a gift to me from the Teachings of Abraham, However if you are struggling to manifest your desires and are desperate to get some deeper meaning and clarity as to how you can best achieve your goals I really do recommend you take a look at the Silva Method  for Manifesting.

The Silva Method  has perfected a process where you tune your conscious and subconscious mind to the frequency of manifesting. Through this approach you can manifest your deepest desires and experience your intentions and vibrations align with the universe and materialize from your mind into your reality!

Remember lighten up and be easy on yourself. You are loved and life IS meant to be good for you.

All Love






2 thoughts on “I Do Not Face Reality – I am the Creator of My Reality

  1. stepping back a little and ananlyzing my emotions ..dierection i DESIRE TO GO FORTH is an applicaton i have to ..as you say ..displine myself with..and it true ..you DO GET FASTER BETTER RESULTS IN WHICH YOU TRUELY SEEKING by looking within yourself..reread your “HICKS” books ..lessons and you will find NEW insight ..again lol

  2. Re-reading books and constantly finding new messages, answers and insight is so satisfying, that alone is a joy! Thank you Rhonda for your comment, I’ve appreciate this interaction immensely 😉

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