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5 Little Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Bob proctor quote
“It’s the little things you do that can make a big difference. What are you attempting to accomplish? What little thing can you do today that will make you more effective? You are probably only one step away from greatness.” ∼Bob Proctor

These 5 little hacks have helped me to transform my daily life. They are small mental shifts that harvest huge improvements in almost any situation. Whenever I am faced with an obstacle, I refer to these mindsets to help me find the solution. You can use them to produce concrete change in your life too!

1) Positive thinking leads to positive coincidences.

Mentally planning out your day helps you focus and foresee any upcoming challenges. Visualize yourself overcoming obstacles with ease and finesse. This mental rehearsal leaves you feeling prepared. Your positive expectations lead to positive outcomes and synchronicities!

2) The more you give, the more you get.

If you want more out of a situation in life, you need to shift your attention onto the part that you play. If you want others to love and respect you, show them more love and respect.

3) What you praise grows.

Whatever you notice expands. If you constantly complain about circumstances in your life, you will continue to see the same problems and they will worsen. If, however, you express your gratitude for everything you appreciate, more and more things to be grateful for will appear in your life.

4) Forgiveness heals.

Feelings of guilt and living with suppressed, unresolved anger lead to illness. Forgive those who have hurt you. Forgive yourself for making mistakes and you will feel an enormous weight lifted off your shoulders! This releases a tremendous amount of energy and actually leads to physical healing.

5) Small sacrifices lead to great gains.

If you’re trying to lose weight, slightly reduce your portion sizes. If you’re trying to complete a project, dedicate a little bit of time to it everyday. If you are consistent, you will accomplish your goals!

These hacks come from Bob Proctor and the 11 Forgotten Laws of Attraction. If you’d like to know more about this course click here.

As an added bonus, below are a selection of Bob Proctor quotes, from Mindvalley, to help you on your journey to living a full, abundant life.

Quotes from Mindvalley

With mindful awareness, you are empowered to shift your focus and shape your reality. You are the creator!

Try these hacks and tell me all about your experience!

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One thought on “5 Little Hacks That Will Change Your Life

  1. When faced with doubt, check in with your Internal Guidance System and ask, “Is this moving me towards my goal or away from it?” This simple trick will help keep you on track whether your goal is to drop a few pounds, get a new job or any number of other life changes.

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