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Journey to the great “I AM” Guided Meditation with Dr. Wayne Dyer


This beautiful short guided meditation is currently one of my favourite ways to welcome in the day.

I love the connection it speaks of with source. Filling you with light you naturally begin to float in your mind and your soul. Floating you up into the stream of unconditional light, up through a portal of unconditional light to the 5th dimension. To a delightful place where many there are awaiting your arrival reminding you of what you already know.

The teachers of life are here to assist you, reminding you of your true nature.

The I AM presents your connection to all things and all things connected through you, to the very core of who you are. Re-opening your mind to the greatness that you are, the great I AM connected to all things, oneness.

You are a creator and you have co-created everything, including this very minute as, through you source energy flows, through your veins between your cells and amongst your atoms, between all things that are you. From this light within you, reconnecting you to all things, all you need do is simply desire to experience something new and source energy the great i am becomes it so that you can experience it. It is the way it has always been it is the way it will always be.

Take a deep breath in and relax, allowing yourself to take a journey to reconnect with the grand part of yourself known as Source.

Start the day knowing your greatness and that source has your back.

All Love



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