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9 Empowering Rituals to Raise Your Game

A daily ritual

As we are currently changing our mindset to work towards a new, better more rewarding and satisfying life, we start to take control of our days in a way like never before. We are fortunate to live in a time that the average working day is 8 hours, totalling only a third of our daily hours. Sleep, if we are to succeed, is also to be taken seriously and therefore should equate close to another third (between 7-8 hours), leaving us with another 8 daily hours to maximise to the fullest potential. The time before work and in the evening before rest is the best time to incorporate empowering rituals and loving routines into our working day.

Routines suggest those things we do on a daily or recurring basis that frame our lives, often seen as boring or mundane, from personal-care to preparation of upcoming events, while rituals are our sacred moments during the day that allow us to connect, reflect and celebrate.

Rituals offer us compassionate discipline by focusing our attention and energy on achieving desired emotions, feelings and stillness. It is within these personal rituals that we find the power. They are the little things you do each day that condition your body and emotions. Through practicing great rituals, you inevitably raise your game in all aspects of your life.

“People are rewarded in public for years of what they’ve practiced in private.” – Anthony Robbins

Both routine and rituals are vital if we are to become successful in what we are doing or accomplishing our dreams and goals.

While there are routines to follow, which are often out of our control as part of our jobs, here I’m referring to the delicious hours we own before work and before sleep.  To guarantee that our working hours improve and move with flow and ease we need to pay particular attention to the opening and closing of our days.

Where to start?

How about slowing things down in the morning and at the same time increasing your standards through dedicating more time to self-care. Changing your personal routines and implementing short rituals into your day, your journey to work will be smooth and the working hours you spend focused on others will be much more rewarding as your personal needs are nourished beforehand.

What types of routines and rituals should you consider incorporating into your day?

Without question – a good night sleep! Between 7 and 8 hours is the amount the average body needs to rest and recover, while others naturally wake up earlier and may feel better after only 6 hours of sleep. Therefore we should aim to be asleep by 11pm.

Each one of us have our own routines and ways we like to do things in the morning. Here are my rituals that I try to implement daily, some days vary, as having two toddlers in the house doesn’t always give me the quiet time to myself in the mornings, but my intention is to wake up at 6.15am. 7 hours sleep is plenty for me, as I find I wake naturally at this time (with some exception!), and I give myself an hour of sacred self-time.

On waking and even before getting out of bed I do the following:

  • Smile – It immediately triggers the brain into positive thinking. Today is going to be a great day!
  • Stretch – Lightly stretch out my body to reconnect all my muscles and bring myself back into my physical presence.
  • Feel appreciation for the pillow beneath my head, and the blankets that covers my body. – A warm bed is always a reason to be grateful.

Once up:

  • I Drink a glass of water, our bodies lose water as we sleep, therefore we are naturally dehydrated when we wake up. By starting the day with a glass of water, we instantly top up our levels and function more efficiently.
  • Cleanse
  • Meditate for 15 minutes or more – Regular meditation and mindfulness increase our ability to get into a state of flow.
  • Journaling – The act of writing- putting pen to paper in a house of silence and calm is extremely creative and a great tool to connect you to your inner being. Through writing and putting your dreams, desires, days and thank you’s on paper, you are putting it out there with a mind-body connection through focused concentration.

What I put in my journal varies daily, here are some of the things I script about:

  • Gratitude lists – Things I appreciate and FEEL gratitude for in this moment.
  • Lists of Positive Aspects  – Struggling with a certain issue/subject list the positives of that issue or subject.
  • Visualisations – Dream big and feel your way into those desires you want to see manifest.
  • Pre-paving – envisioning my day mapping it out beforehand to build self-confidence and overcome insecurities.

Exercise – Regular movement or exercise causing us to sweat keeps us healthy and alert. It also boosts energy and mood and relieves stress. Make exercise a priority, as little as 20 minutes a day is enough to make a big difference to your mood and energy. Finding the time and making it a routine will pay off in a multitude of ways. It can be a morning walk to work or a 20 minute Yoga DVD in the lounge, whatever you choose to do – stick at it. The rewards in developing a great morning ritual will be enhanced physical energy, mental clarity and emotional balance.

Nourish your mind and body with good choices – Eat a great healthy breakfast. 

It’s not what we get that makes us happy, it’s who we become – Anthony Robbins

Make the space of your home out-of-bounds to outsiders in the morning, keep your social media and emails at bay as you work through your morning rituals. The self-care you are investing in is personal to you and every minute before work counts as self-care. Using the morning as a space of quiet contemplation and stillness energises and lays the solid foundations required for your day to flow with ease and as you want it to. You control the devices so turn them off until you are totally fired up and full of fuel and already at the office!

Remember* Nothing matters more than that I feel good! – Abraham Hicks

Sticking with a new routine is what will drive you forward as you reach towards your goals and aspirations. Not only do each one of these processes make you feel amazing in the moment of realising them, but as the weeks and months go by, you will also begin to accept that you are able to commit, that your commitment to you personal growth is the most important commitment you could ever make!

Good Luck and raise your standards!

All Love



One thought on “9 Empowering Rituals to Raise Your Game

  1. I love this, I need more rituals. Oddly I was thinking just earlier today that I need more discipline in my regime, I will recall it ritual. Thank you for sharing this.

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