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Seven Steps to Happiness

7 steps to happiness

Now that we are in December, it is a wonderful time to reflect upon this year and to make goals and resolutions for the year to come.

I came across these Seven Steps To Happiness from Doe Zantamata and was thrilled to see how they could be the perfect springboard to achieving even greater happiness in the New Year!

Seven Steps to Happiness

Think less, feel more.

This is about going with instincts, intuition and trusting what feels right. It is not letting thoughts, doubts and fears get in the way. How often do you talk yourself into doing something when deep down you feel it isn’t what you really want to do? 

Frown less, smile more.

“Breathing in I calm body and mind. Breathing out, I smile.” ~Thich Nhat Hahn

If you are smiling, the world smiles back. If you think positively, you’ll be open to more positivity around you.
To find out more about the benefits of a simple smile, click here, or see for yourself by doing this Inner Smile Meditation.

Talk less, listen more.

If you train yourself to listen actively, you will be able to communicate and connect to others with increased empathy.

Judge less, accept more.

If you are judging others, you are withholding love. When you accept them, you are giving them love.

Watch less, do more.

This is no longer passively watching events occur and dealing with them. Instead, it is taking action to change certain circumstances and taking the steps towards achieving your goals, dreams and desires.  

Complain less, appreciate more.

You can improve your relationship with anyone simply by complaining less and appreciating them more. Be sure the other is aware of what you love and appreciate about their actions.

Fear less, love more.

When we react out of fear, we are limited. When we respond to life out of love, we are empowered.

So my resolution is to mindfully observe my emotions and actions in order to catch myself when I am over thinking, frowning, talking too much, judging others, watching things go wrong, complaining and acting out of fear. I’m planning to shift my focus to going with what feels right, smiling often, listening actively, accepting others, taking action, appreciating and loving as much as possible in order to tip the scales towards the most powerfully, positive year ever!

What are your resolutions? Leave a comment and let me know!

With love,



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