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Note to Self: Rejoice in the Little Things

The little thingsThroughout the cold winter months, it’s all too easy to fall into a slight depression, especially when we allow ourselves to focus our attention on annoyances, struggles and the distance we still have left to go on our respective journeys.

I myself have found some days a bit difficult to get through and to keep the momentum going, wanting to just stay in bed and hibernate until winter is over!

However, I have decisively decided to snap out of it and do my part to shift my focus onto to what is pleasurable and nurturing, what really matters, what life is really about– the little things.

Life is a sum of small moments that too often go by unnoticed. It is our responsibility to be present and appreciate each and every one of them.

This simple mental shift takes a day from just boringly blasé to being blissfully blessed.

Each day reflect on the moments which stand out. Be completely there and use all your senses to appreciate them fully.

Some of my favorite things to appreciate are:

  • My morning cup of coffee
  • The joy of learning something new
  • The pleasure of performing a task in a moment of flow
  • Laughter with friends and family
  • The warmth of hugs, smiles and eye contact
  • The awe-inspiring beauty of nature
  • The ecstasy of hearing the right song at the right time
  • Sweet, spicy scents and exotic perfumes
  • Watching how something in life works itself out perfectly
  • Going for a run or working out
  • Reading a good book
  • Stumbling upon an inspirational message
  • A nourishing meal
  • Self-care

Studies have shown that keeping a gratitude journal promotes increased wellbeing, improved mood and greater happiness. The more positive we become, the better we can creatively cope with difficult situations.

So slow down, breathe and appreciate. Record one or two fulfilling moments in a journal. Gather these moments as souvenirs.

Do you appreciate and record the little things that make you happy? Have you noticed a shift in your mood?

I’d love to see what makes your soul shine! Feel free to share your moments on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter using the hashtags #joyfuljanuary and #thelavendersage, or just leave a comment here.

With love,



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