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Leaving the comfort zone.

carl jung

Isn’t it easy to get comfortable! To sit back and say “well I got through that day, let’s just see what tomorrow brings”.

And so our lives move along just seeing what tomorrow brings.

Until the being comfortable starts to become uncomfortable.

So at 65, once again as in times past, I questioned that feeling of being comfortable left the sofa, turned off the tele and decided that I want more and moved to a new country.

As Dylan Thomas passionately wrote, I will not go gently into that good night. I want these next 25years to be the most exciting I have ever lived.

It is not all about the external things either, although deep sea diving in Hawaii is my idea of an awfully great adventure; No! for me the adventure is an inner one. As Carl Jung said “your visions will become clear only when you look into your own heart; who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakes”.

There are people that climb mountains, trek desserts, run marathons, jump out of aeroplanes; there are those who succeed against all the odds to overcome some physical or mental disability, there are so many great and wonderful people doing great and wonderful things and there is no doubt that to achieve any of these marvellous feats they must draw on something from inside themselves.

But to truly go within is the most challenging adventure of all because it requires us to do nothing; to let go and let God; to be still and listen.
To journey to the innermost part of our being where shines the brightest light of all, we must go beyond the boundaries of the conscious mind into unknown territories. We must learn to take all of our attention to a place that is beyond the five senses, going into the void and trusting the inner sense to be our guide.
This journey takes us somewhere beyond what the world can offer, and gives riches that last forever.
It is the key to all outer successes, taught for thousands, upon thousands of years and only a few ever take it!
“In your own self lies destiny…Know that you are great, Great with Divinity.” (Robert Collier Riches within your reach.`)